wiccania, part two (wiccwrite) wrote,
wiccania, part two

the writer's idea book

page 8, 1st prompt
list the positive messages you have received about writing or about any creative undertaking. what did people say? how did they say it? then write about times when you felt good about your writing, such as when a great idea zipped thru your mind or when you finished a project that turned out well. keep these messages and memories handy. when you're feeling stale or want to berate yourself about your work, read about what you've done in the past and know you can do it again.

In high school, when I was in Creative Writing, we had to sit in a circle and go around the room and read what we wrote for the assigned project. After we read, everyone else would write their honest opinions, criticisms and general comments on anonymous slips of paper and they would be passed around to us. I never received a negative comment on anything I wrote in that class.

When we were discussing what kind of content to put into his fanclub newsletter, Rikki called me a "creative genius" and then indicated what kind of writing and articles he wanted me to contribute.

My friends and family have always received my writing warmly and enthusiastically -- but they might be a little biased.

Woody has always enjoyed my writing, he's always been honest about it, what he liked what he didn't like. He's always encouraged me, and noticed when I stopped writing.

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