wiccania, part two (wiccwrite) wrote,
wiccania, part two

writer's idea book page 8, 2nd prompt

acknowledge that writing is hard. write it down. then write about how your'e going to make writing happen. how will you find the balance in yourself to combine willpower with relaxation, stubborness with joy? write about how you've struck this balance in the past, with writing, a sport a musical instrument -- anything you've done.

writing is hard.

sometimes it's harder than others, especially since i write with my emotions and sometimes my emotions aren't very conducive of prolific writing. fortunately my current emotional state is very conducive to writing, which means that i am. at the moment i make myself sit down at least once a week and put down a thousand words or more relating to what i'm feeling and what i'm thinking. so far, that's all i do to find the balance.
Tags: writing prompts
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