wiccania, part two (wiccwrite) wrote,
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writer's idea book

page 49, 1st prompt

you are afflicted with a rare (and getting rarer) disease in which you can only tell the truth, the whole truth. now, introduce yourself to someone you don't know -- on the page, of course. explain to the stranger who you are. go into detail. tell your life story if you have to. the stranger is fictitious and will listen intently for hours.

have you heard the lindsay haun song broken? that's me. broken. a million little pieces. when i was younger i related quite a bit to the character eponine in les miserables. she loves marius passionately, she does as he asks and in the end she lays down her life for him. and yet he doesn't love her in return. she loves, yet never knows what it is to be loved. i used to believe that i would live that life. loved but not loved in return. then i met woody... and he loved me. passionately, intensely. we were in love, happy, wrapped up in each other and our family. and then he took that love away. no... that's not right. he loves me still. he just doesn't care to be with me. so i'm struggling with that. right now that's a lot of who i am. 6 years ago he asked me to promise that no matter how hard things got that i wouldn't give up on us. i promised and i have yet to break that promise. i'm loyal and loving and passionate. now, in addition to trying to cope with that, i'm very dedicated to my son, who is autistic and is absolutely the light and joy in my life. when i have incredibly bad days, i hold him close and it gives me hope.

i used to be confident and outgoing. but i don't have any of that left. i've been wrung out. i'm not a whole person, but i am a hopeful person.
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