wiccania, part two (wiccwrite) wrote,
wiccania, part two

writer's idea book

page 25, 1st prompt

write about the most creative person you've ever known. explain why you feel she is so creative, offering examples of her creative accomplishments

the most creative person i've ever known, hands down, is my brother jared. he's brilliant. he's a great artist, graphic designer, photographer and he's been known to come up with some incredibly funny skits. he can dance, he can sew and create clothing. i'm proud that one testament to his creativity is a portrait of me. a lifesize portrait of me sitting on a beach at night -- there's a beautiful moon in the background with the ocean rolling in and the trappings of a ritual in the foreground. why's it so creatively brilliant? because i was sitting on his bed when he drew it. the only item in the drawing that was in front of him when he drew that portrait was me. the beach was 45 minutes away. another example of his brilliance is a sculpture of a tree that is also a woman that he created. essentially, it's a dryad although i don't know if he ever realized that. he found the perfect materials, and it's so well crafted that his alma mater asked if they could keep it for permanent display. my brother has inspired me more than once.
Tags: writing prompts
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