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page 45, 1st prompt

list the top 10 experiences in your life -- top meaning significant. wondrous. glorious. terrible. illuminating. demoralizing. jubilant. ten of course is an arbitrary number. but start there. think about it for a moment, letting your mind roam free, keeping your pen on the page. there's no penalty for going beyond ten, ut if you do, cut to ten when you review he list. stop reading now and make your list.

number one would have to be the birth of my son. gage is the light and joy of my life. i didn't know i was capable of such tremendous joy and love until he was born.

two is the first time woody told me he loves me. it filled me with bliss and made me drop to my knees and tremble with joy.

three is the trip from new jersey to colorado. it was filled with ridiculous events that would have torn a lesser couple apart, but i thought it made us stronger. we spent those days together, traveling, laughing, talking... and the nights were spent in his embace.

four has been happening for the better part of a year... woody abandoning me and gage, trying to decide what he wants, taking up with another woman and spending time with her children instead of his own son. sometimes acting as if he wants to be with us forever... sometimes acting as if he wants nothing to do with us.

five was woody's mom telling me that his grandmother wanted me to have her tea set. i was moved to be accepted as a family member in that way.

six was gage's first year of school... my little boy is growing up and there's nothing i can do about it.

seven was the day that gage was diagnosed with autism. a few of my dreams died that day... but more were born. autism doesn't change who he is, or how much i love him, but it was a life altering moment in my life.

eight was having a photo pass at a poison concert to take photos to accompany my interview with rikki in throat culture.

nine was the day i had to quit college so that i could work fulltime. dreams died that day.

ten was the day that sisser and i had to be "rescued" from virginia by our parents. a lesson in humility and swallowing our pride came that day.
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