i found something special

i wrote this last year on woody's birthday... 1-14-06

took the shattered pieces of me
mixed with the mortar from your soul
to bind me together and make me strong
whole once more with a piece of you
to fill the void i found in myself

i think it was just a starting fragment of something that i never finished... but it's an interesting insight into my state of mind a year ago.

Book Journal

The Godfather, Mario Puzo

the godfather was an interesting book. for one, the realization that anyone of sicilian descent (like myself), whether they know it or not, probably has family ties of this nature makes it more intriguing. my great uncle could be a luca brasi...

but, the book... not my family (and no, i have no knowledge as to whether anyone in my family is or ever has been a part of organized crime). the book reads like a slightly more enriched script to the godfather & the godfather 2. i'm glad i saw the movie first, because the actors were selected perfectly. whoever wrote the screenplay did a brilliant job. there's very little from the book that was left out and a few little tidbits in the film that weren't in the book... including one of my favorite lines ("leave the gun... take the cannolis").

i need to follow john's example and read this once a year or so. no doubt i'll find details in each subsequent reading that i hadn't noticed before.

Book Journal

Trace, by Patricia Cornwell

it's a scarpetta novel, and i love the scarpetta series. what can i say about it. it had a few slow moments, but they weren't bad. lucy is still self destructive and not communicative. i'm not sure how i feel about benton. part of me wishes marino and scarpetta would get together, but i know that's not going to happen. it was an exciting book, engrossing, fast paced. i enjoyed it. i've enjoyed all of the scarpetta novels. it's a shame i can't stand the other stuff cornwell has written. tho i haven't read the one about jack the ripper yet, i'm pretty sure i'll dig that one.

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i've decided to attempt to use this as a reading journal (as well as a writing journal). so i'm going to attempt to keep a log of the books you read, and review or write a little something about the book. besides, books have inspired poetry in the past for me... maybe this will help as well.